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A Permanent Seat License (PSL) is a license that must be purchased for most seating areas at NRG Stadium in order to become a season ticket holder for the Houston Texans.   A PSL owner has the right to purchase season tickets from the ticket office each year.


Why would I buy PSLs on the Marketplace?
In order to purchase season tickets for most seating areas, you are required to purchase PSLs, but the Ticket Office is sold out. You can purchase PSLs from a current season ticket holder on the Marketplace and become the new season ticket holder for those exact seats for all future seasons.


2024 Season Ticket Cost
Field Level Prime I
Field Level Prime II
Field Level Prime III
Field Level Sideline I
Field Level Sideline II
Field Endzone I
Field Endzone II
Field Endzone III
Mezzanine I
Mezzanine II
Loge Prime
Loge Sideline
Loge Endzone I
Gridiron Prime I
Gridiron Prime II
Gridiron Endzone III

Texans Stadium Chart
2024 Season Ticket Cost
Club Prime I
Club Prime II
Party Suites
Club Sideline
Club Corner
Chairmans Club
Directors Club

Texans Stadium Parking Map
Parking Passes

Parking Passes are transferable. You can purchase parking after the transfer based on availability. ADA Accessible Parking is transferable (if you are transferred an ADA pass and do not qualify for it, you will be relocated to a different lot based on availability). See the following parking map for parking locations and per game prices.

Parking Lot Annual Price
Coors Light Yellow Lot $315
Coors Light Orange Lot $375
Coors Light Blue Lot $435
Coors Light Purple Lot $395
Coors Light Green Lot $620
Coors Light Red Lot $620
Coors Light Maroon Lot $375
Coors Light Brown Lot $435
Coors Light Platinum Lot $690
Coors Light Teal Lot $1,090

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